Hi all,

Dont know if this is the right forum, but i have a little issue at hand.
I have configured an OES server for Netware 6.5, and have also BM3.8
configured on the server. Now I want my users to be able to connect to
virtual office from the internet.
I have a direct IP connection [10.x.x.x] to the ISP but not a live IP
address, they gave me an address that is one of their network's, but
also, they mapped a live IP [212.x.x.x] to the address they gave me.

Now my question, i have configured the public interface of the server
with the 10.x.x.x address, when users try to connect, i told them to type
212.x.x.x, but it just gives a blank page, nothing at all. and if they
type 10.x.x.x (which of course is not life) it times out.

What do i do? Where do i go from here?