I have installed OES 2 sp1 in SLES10 sp2. It worked fine but when I changed the ip of SLES10, NSS was no longer accessible. EDirectory users can no longer map the volumes in the NSS even if I already returned the old ip address. I can no lognger access the content in the volumes of /media/nss.

When tried to use the command "nssmu", the is the error: "NSS Management Utility- ERROR Either the admin volume was not found or you don't have rights to access it."

I tried to use the command "./startnss.bsh in /opt/novell/nss/sbin and the error was "required LUM(namcd) is not running. Exiting. Aborting ./startnss.bsh"

When tried to input "id admin", this is the error "id: add: No such user"

I have already run "namconfig rm", "namconfig add" and "namconfig cache_refresh", but nssmu doesn't work.

I have already restarted the namcd and novell-nss but they didn't start. When tried to run "rcndsd status" and "rcnovell-nss status", it said "LUM NAMCD daemon is dead".