Hi All,

We are testing the deployment for updating our zfd agents from various 7x versions to the latest.

We're running zfd7ir3/ir4 back end on OES2sp1/nw6.5sp8, winxp sp3, Novell client 4.91.sp5.

In the past having done this dozens of times over several years, we've done a silent or progress only default upgrade with no reboot.

Trying to use an MSI based NAL App with this latest msi zfd7sp1ir4 is hanging at the very end of the installation, with the progress bar in the launcher progress window sitting at 95% roughly but never finishing.

Event logs show teh installation process has finished OK within msi etc, it notes a reboot is wanted but deferred, control panel add/remove shows the latest installed. If you manually reboot its fine, or prompt for reboot and select yes its ok.

Any method tried to NOT prompt or NOT allow reboot leaves the installation hung at the end, as far as zen (app explorer/nalview/nalagent) is concerned.

Has anybody else experienced this issue or know of a work around apart from converting the app to simple perhaps and trying an msiexec string??

We're thinking about adding a reboot script into the post launch part of the
nal app to be a little more friendly to the clients. We prefer not to force a reboot.