We've been running NDPS since 1999 with pretty good results. Over the
years, more and more HP Laserjet printers fail to come with
NDPS-compatible drivers, we worked around that. Now more and more HP
Laserjet printers fail to work at all with NDPS, at least the version
we're using.

I know we should have moved to the Novell gateway years ago, just never
got around to it. We also meant to have iPrint by now, but, same issue,
never a priority.

The last straw is trying to add a P2035n to NDPS - HP's website said it
was compatible, but the documentation mentions every OS except
NetWare/NDPS. HP Support said [tech 1] 'yes, it's supported and [tech 2]
"No, there are no NetWare drivers, until Novell writes a driver, it
won't work" (I didn't feel like wasting my time arguing *that* one.)

So my question is, does anyone still use NDPS on NetWare exclusively? If
so, should we be able to add HP Laserjet 4014n, 3600n, 1022n, 1320n,
and/or 2035n printers? These have given us trouble and fail to allow a
connection from the NDPS Manager - the print agent says "Error Printing
- I/O Error" even though the address is reachable, ports 9100, LPD, and
snmp are all open.

Knowing that the future of printing for our environment lies in iPrint
on OES/SLES, can anyone point me in the quickest direction to get there?
(Cool solutions article, wiki, etc?)

For what it's worth, our current environment:


NDPSM.nlm v3.02.07

NDPDS.nlm v3.00

HPGate.nlm v3.00.01