Hallo together,

I need to update on about 500 Dell Optiplex GX620 PCs the network driver of Broadcom NICs.

From Broadcom I only got the b57win32.cat, b57win32.inf and b57xp32.sys files.

If I go to the device Manager and update the driver - it works and installs the actual driver version.

But how can I do it automatically with a ZENworks application object?

I copied the 3 driver files to C:\Install\Broadcom\win_xp_2k3_32\ and than tried (with ZENworks and lateron manually with local System Account):

rundll32.exe setupapi,InstallHinfSection DefaultInstall 128 C:\Install\Broadcom\win_xp_2k3_32\b57win32.inf

I noticed that the section "DefaultInstall" is NOT in the .inf file but there are about hundred of other section names in that file. I tried dozens but did not manage to update the driver with the rundll32.exe command.

Does anybody has a hint how to do it?

Thanks Klaus