I'm not sure if this should be in an NSS related forum or the Novell Client, but I'll try here first.

When attempting to move a folder from an NSS volume to local storage (c:\ drive for example), I end up with just an empty folder at the destination and then the source files become inaccessible. After restarting the machine the network files are once again accessible but they did not move to the new location.

Copy works fine, and also move/copy work fine from an ext3 directory shared through ncpcon. (for example, the "sys" volume) The issue seems to be explicitly on Vista Client and NSS Volumes (hosted on SLES10SP2/OES2SP1).

I've tried disabling File Caching/File Commit to no avail. I've also removed the antivirus from a test machine and the issue still occurs.

This is only occuring on Windows Vista, not on Windows XP.