SLPDA assignment with DHCP inform packet from QIP does not allways work
on newer systems with wireless nics. Mostly tablets and new hp
laptops. Seems like duel nics (wire & WI-FI) cause the dhcp delivered
SLPDA servers to fail.

We do have our Novell PSE investigating, HP is also looking at it. We
sent traces to lucent for QIP, waiting to hear back from them. Also
IPCONFIG /Renew does not always work on same hardware. We have more
than 10K other workstations without the problem, mostly desktops and
laptops with single NICS.We can duplicate this in our lab and

Without SLPDAs our login are 2-6 times longer. Using a workstation
policy setting the SLPDAs/Scope in ZDM7sp1 does the trick, but I want
know why.

DIsabling the WI-FI NICs in the BIOS helps for some model but not
others. If we remove the ZDM7sp1 or 6.5sp1 agent off the system it
seem to improve the SLPDA and IPCONFIG /RENEW. We use the RENEW in our
login script to overcome the DNS issue with develoution of domains in
our invironment. We are in the middle of going wireless, so we need
the WI-FI cards on. FUnny thing is that it works with our new WI-FI
invironment without any issues!

Help me :0)