We are having issues with our Bordermanager server (NW6.5 SP8, BM 3.9.1) whereby every couple of days it will abend and all web requests are denied.

Temporarily, we were running a proxy with BM3.9.2 and it was abending quite frequently with ACLCHECK.NLM issues thus we built a fresh box with 3.9.1.

I suspected the problem to be a corrupt rule (this could still be the case) due to the fact that we imported/converted the rules from our old BM server and maybe something did not convert correctly. I've exported the rules to XML and had a look through and I can't see anything noticeably wrong. I did change any rules with url's beginning with '*://' to start with 'http://' as we thought this may have been the problem (iManager seems to only accept http:// as opposed to *:// in NWAdmin). However, after re-importing the rules we are still seeing these abends every 3 or so days.

This issue has been ongoing for quite a while now but only seems to really present itself when the system is under load (we are a large boarding school). I can't recall having any issues during the recent school holidays.

By the looks of it other people are having similar issues but I haven't seen any magic answers that apply to us.

I've attached our abend log to this post - if anyone could shed some light on this one it'd be much appreciated. :)