My NBM proxy server is also the server that is assigned secondary
public ip
addresses for my webservers. Whenever proxy tries to browse the web
host names that resolve to those addresses, it says page not found.
The way
I see it, traffic to these servers flow like this:

1.) Internal Privately addressed Host (IE6.0) askes proxy to browse
the site

2.) proxy does dns lookup and get the ip address

3.) ip address is on server, so server should hit that address (which
statically NATed back to an internal private ip address)

4.)privately addressed internet server receives response and response
sent back out to NBM server/router then back to internal host.

Tricky part here is NBM server is also gateway server to the internet.
is running both static and dynamic NAT. There is a stateful WWW
filter that
allows incoming connections to the web server over port 80. It seems
to me
the traffic should never have to leave the server except for the DNS
on an external DNS server, as the IP addresses are assigned to the
server. Does this work, and can someone please explain to me how?
Can a
proxy server not browse itself? thing works fine for external
naturally. If anyone has any ideas, or can let me know how to make
this a
little more confusing, please let me know.