Lets say that I use eDirectory as directoryservice, and I've setup one NW file server and one Windows file server.

To grant access with an AO to the NWFS you simply import it into the eDir and use the Common tab > File rights. Simple and smooth.

But when it comes to Windows FS, what is the solutions here?
Is there any other solution then creating a local account on the target Windows FS, and use this account (with Read and Execute-rights) as the key to grant access to the files and directories on the FS?

If I use this method, I have to open a network-share with a bat-command (if the server isnt mapped together with the login-script). But this will cause the possiblity of an user can hack and get thier hands on the user-account and password. Its still just Read and Execute, but well, i dont want that anyway.

Basically, Im just curious what possibilities there is. :)
Im open for any thoughts!