Hello all,

I have a number of Zen Applications which I associate with Workstation Objects in order to distribute them. This works well and has been a success as far as distributing the odd application, shortcut or regfix.

However, what I would now like to do is tie together a bunch of applications for distribution in an ordered fashion. These applications would be common to all PCs and would be force run. The idea being that we would install Windows, Windows Updates, Novell Client and Zen Client, then all common applications would automatically be distributed also.

How would I apply these Zen apps to my workstations so that they would be delivered in an ordered fashion and not all be pushed down at the same time?? Some of my apps simply run a setup.exe, and if i run 2 of these at a time I get problems.

I have concidered creating a dummy Zen App called Common Apps (or similar) and adding the desired common apps as dependancies, but I am not sure if this is the correct way to go or if there is a better method?

Thanks in advance.