The server in question is NW6sp2 with the nwftpd8 version of FTP. Theserver sits on my private lan with a secondary ip address on it for
web, ftp, and gwia traffic. My seperate BM 3.7 server has a static nat

address pointing to the sec. address on the first server. Web and gwia

traffic works great with no trouble. FTP on the other hand gives me
trouble with just a few people having the same strange issue. They can

log in with their username and password, but then it just hangs, theyget no dir. list and are unable to retrieve files. But all other
accounts work just fine, and the accounts in question work fine frommy home isp account. A work around that we stumbled onto was to use
the ip address instead of the DNS name for these few people and
everything works just fine. I'm thinking it is some type of NAT issueon their end. Most of these are small operations with a Linksys or
similar type low end router. Any ideas what's going on here and how to

fix it?

Greg Bell
PS After discussing this further with some of my other colleagues here

we are also suspect of proper DNS resolution on their end? Just a
thought, as we are grasping at straws while trying not to look foolish

to our customers.