I guess I must be missing something but I can't seem to get the Teaming 2
integrations working with the GroupWise 8 HP2 Windows client. I have only
really started looking into it, but right now it doesn't work for me.

I have performed an "Advanced" installation of T2 and have enabled all of
the web services components. I have added the T2 URL under "Client
Options" for the user's post office as specified in the documentation.
When I login I get the Teaming login box and when I enter a password I
get a view of the T2 subfolders but when clicking on any folder I get an
IE error (DNS problem or web site temporarily unavailable type thing) in
the right-hand pane. The T2 website works well in the browser on the same
PC just not within the GroupWise client. Doing a packet sniff from the
client I can see that I am trying to hit the correct URL as far as I
understand it. I can see HTTP/XML POST /ssf/ws/Facade?wsdl HTTP/1.1 in
the list of packets sent by the client to the server. The time on the PC
is definitely within 5 minutes of the time on the server.

What have I missed?