I have multiple T500 laptops to setup. I have created the WinXP image and saved it on the ZCM imaging server. If I restore the image to the original laptop that I took the image from, Windows XP boots up fine. However, if I restore the image to another T500, I got "Invalid signature file" and it won't boot.

I found a post saying it is problem with the MBR so I tried to copy the MBR from a working laptop to the new laptop via ftp with the following command:

on source laptop:
dd if=/dev/sda of=filename count=4 bs=512

on restored laptop:
dd if=filename of=/dev/sda count=4 bs=512

Windows XP boots but I got blue screen with error "unmountable_boot_volume". I tried to use XP recovery console and I can't fix the MBR on the restored laptop. I got "error in MBR" something like that.

I also tried the option "count=4 bs=446" and "count=1 bs=512" no success.

Wonder if any more know the best to check out the MBR on the T500 Sata disk and know the proper parameter to copy the MBR over.

Thanks in advance.