I've tried for 3 days to create an NSS pool and volume on my new SLES 10.2 with OES 2, and I can't get it to work.

Here are the steps I'm doing.
vSphere 4 Server, I've created a datastore of 150GB.

Load SLES 10.2 on the server (Everything appears to load fine).
I setup the partions the exact way as PG 183 on the OES linux install. So
that I'm using EVMS instead of the default SLES partioning.
basically using 30 Gig for root, swap partions. Leaving 120GB of free space

Load OES, agin loads fine, no errors (at least that I know about), populates
into my eDirectory tree. (this is the first SLES server in the tree, and is in it's own OU).

Open up terminal, run NSSMU, create pool Data, 100GB, then I get the error -669 Error adding pool to NDS.

The SERVERadmin user is in the OU with the server and other objects.
DSRepair shows all servers are in sync and I also made the new SLES server
a Read/Write replica, and all replication is working.

what can I try next?
or What logs can I look at to see what is wrong?