Not sure if this should be asked here, or the iprint forum.

I've done one iprint migration in test lab and in production and it went fine, except that it required two "reinstalls" of the iprint printers on our workstations.


NW 6.5.7 has a secondary IP that the iPrint manager is bound to via the /ip switch.

We're migrating to OES2 SP1 Linux via the ID Transfer option.

First step, is that we changed NW from using IP to using DNS for the iPrint stuff. However, we also have to have iPrint bind to the primary IP and have DNS resolve to that primary IP as well (you can't ID transfer or consolidate iPrint using secondary IP on NW we found out).

In doing that, we get the "first" reinstall of the iPrint printers on the pc's. Okay, I can accept and live with that (it makes sense).

The one issue we THINK is that our DNS looks something like this: = = =

(so there's an A and two CNAME records). the "" is the DNS name of the NDPS Manager on NetWare (the eDir object name is completely different).

Our iprint.ini is using the "short-name" option so that the manager is really called

So, on a PC, if you go into the printers (Windows XP) you'll see something like:
HP4120 on mgr1
But if you go into that printer and look at the ports, you'll see like:
ipp:// blah blah

Now, on the OES2 side of things, we have a temporary IP and server name/DNS entry (because of the ID transfer). And we also have to create DNS names for the iprint manager on OES2.

So: = =

We do the ID Transfer, and add the iPrint service and run the migration, it ships the stuff over and then transfers the ID.

Before we reboot the OES2 server, we have our Unix dept. change the DNS entries so that: =
and =

If you forget the above (which I did), apparently the iprint modules load with the IP address and you get the "second" install (my bad).

We reboot the OES2 server and have to follow the "post migration" script to get the printer agents and profiles to show up in iMangler (it's in the docs in the troubleshooting section) - this is on a new set of servers, so we've avoided the 2nd reinstall at this point.

After that, we reboot a pc, verify that it sees the correct DNS entries, but the printers just say "not available".

So I'm wondering if there's some odd thing with the DNS and how iPrint resolves things (based upon how it worked on NetWare, it seemed to ultimately "find" the A record and resolve to whatever that was and use that when trying to talk to the printers).

So when I did the "first" attempt, I had forgotten about the DNS for the "short name" and as a result, got printer reinstalls that then resolved to the OES2 manager DNS name (rather than the short name).

Any ideas?

We have to use short names becuase of issues with other software not liking "long" printer names (Citrix, etc.)