I have 2 different configuration machine. The Group Policy is applied succesfully to the old machine. However it is not entirely applied for the new configuration machine. In this case the Internet Explorer Favorites and Personal are not directed to the user home folder.

The desktop is actually the same, Dell Optiplex 260. The old configuration is Windows XP SP2 with Novell Client 4.1 SP5 and Zenwork 7. The new configuration is using Windows XP SP3, Novell Client 4.1 SP5 and Zenwork 7 SP1. The new configuration machine is mainly fresh install of Windows XP with updated software.

The machine with 2 configuration will using the same Group Policy.

The problem when look at the Group Policy that is stored under SYS\Public\Zenwork\Policies, I can't find anything there to redirect the Favorites folder to user home directory or %USERPROFILE% point to Home Directory. ConsoleOne had been checked for hundreds time for User Package, Workstation Package.

Why the machine with the old configuration can redirect the Favorited folder to the user home directory after successful login, but not for the machine with the new configuration.

We don't set the redirection Favorites folder in the Registry key. We also don't tocuh the local Group Policy.

Am I missing something here?