Hi everyone!

We've been moving a bunch of users from one post office on an old server to a new post office on a newer server to try to spread the load out. Everything has been going fine over the last week, we've successfully moved about 300 accounts without a hitch (with a top-down rebuild in the middle just to be safe.)

Tonight though, a group of 10 or so accounts (of course the last ones we had left to move,) started to move and then all reported a status of 0xd109 (on rename object in post office.) I cleared the status out and moved the accounts back into their original post offices. This garnered a D70E error (duplicate object,) but and the users could log in, send and receive emails, etc. fine.

I did a top-down rebuild, which went fine, and then did a full analyze-repair gwcheck on their accounts, which came back clean.

However, trying to move the users to the new post office after this garnered another 0xd109 error.

I've been able to move another random user fine.

We're running GW 8 HP2 on NW 6.5 SP8. Both of these post offices are in the same domain, on different physical boxes from each other and the mta.

Any ideas?