BMEE 3.6 on NW 5 platform latest patches applied except the BMEE patch

that is not compatible with NW5. We are running ipx and ip.

I am upgrading from IPX/IP Gateway to dynamic NAT only. IPX/IP Gateway

is still up and running at the same time dynamic nat has been enabled;

but I have also tried it with the gateway disabled.

WHen I unload the filter file the server can ping the router and any address on the net, like novel.com. The workstation can ping the
and private cards on the BM server. The workstation can also ping the

router to our T1. The workstation cannot ping past the router.

The default or static route to our router is like so, where the second

address is the router:
Net Gateway xxx.xxx.xxx.10 Metric 1 Passive

I have enabled the dynamic pass through=on switch in the autoexec

When I disable the gateway at my workstation I can't browse or recieve

email. I can browse if I activate the proxy and point it at the

Any suggestions appreciated.

best regards
Scott Gibbs