I've got a problem here I need to solve...

We have a BM 3.6 server with to private nic, one public and a DMZ nic.

Private1: /
Private2: /
Public: /
DMZ: /

Secondary Public IP's:

Public IP is running Dynamic and Static NAT is statically nat'ed to DMZ on is statically nat'ed to DMZ on

And offcourse some filters in various directions...

On the DMZ I have to servers that runs DNS, SMTP, web and ftp.
(, and
Both these servers are accessible from the internet on the two public
addresses: and
The web server is running several virtually web sites on this single

The problem is now that the two private net can't access the servicesrunning on these servers.
I can't sit on the private net and access a web page on
public address:
The web server itselves can't access their own web sites on the public


I can ping the two public ip's from the private net, (but I'll guess
it is
the Public nic in the BM server theat is answering the ping...)

I don't won't to put the to servers directly to the public net. I will
them behind a firewall.

Do I need two firewalls? or can I do it with just this one?

I've got some more public iP address I can't use if it require that...

Many thanks in advance!

Tore Jacobsen