I am using an evaluation of ZPM in ZCM and if I patch a machine and then image the same machine the machine is showing as being patched. I do not have any base lines set.

These are the steps I'm following for testing ZPM in our environment.

1) Image machine 'A'
2) Patch machine 'A'
3) Image machine 'A' again with same image in step 1
4) Wait 24 hours to make sure that machine is scanned. (I have seen analyze.exe running in task manager)
5) Machine still shows as being patched even though I know it isn't. (example Machine has IE 6 installed but ZPM says that IE 7 is installed)

I've also seen this similar behavior in asset management. We will install apps and they will show as being installed on the machine and then we will image the machine and not install the same apps as before, but the apps still show in asset mgmt as being installed. Am I missing something to trigger ZCM to remove the apps from the device in the database?