We are experiencing one of our nodes (10 node cluster) randomly experiencing the following error message and renders the server un-responsive to anything:

A scheduled "Work To Do" took over one minute to be run

We are confused as the other nodes are not experiencing this except just this node in particular.
We recently upgraded from NW65Sp6 to NW65SP8.
I also applied the cluster patch that this is also linked to.
Cluster update for NetWare 6.5 SP8 v1.80.05

We have running:

Netware 6.5 sp6...currently in the middle of upgrading all servers and cluster nodes to nw65sp8.
Cluster services 1.8
groupwise 7.03

Node in question is currently now running NW65sp8.

We have backup express as our backup solution.
This was all ok but fro some reason we are jus starting to see this message to start appearing unknowingly.

Any help with this would be gr8ful.