I'm attempting to set up a firewall at our district office, but
can not
get to the main building server for iFolder and NetStorage when the
is in place. Currently: 2 servers, both have two NIC's (for now),
public, one private. Public NIC's are connected to a switch with therouter. Private NIC's are connected to the internal LAN switch.

Both servers have NW6SP2 and BM37. One server is the main server
the building and has iFolder and NetStorage up and running (as long as
have the public NIC enabled and bound). The other server is our Web
Server/Groupwise Server, and proxy server. I would like to use it for

I have set up dynamic and static NAT on the web server/GW server
the main server's original IP as a secondary ipaddress and static NAT
it to the main server's private NIC on 192.168.x.x. The default
gateway on
the main server is the web server's private NIC.

If I unbind the main server's public IP, I can then access it via
FTP or
RConsolej using the static NAT IP through the web server, but we loseiFolder and NetStorage.

How can I set it up to get iFolder and NetStorage working, yet
the main server behind the firewall? NAT implicit filtering is off on
servers as is RIP. Have tried it with IPFLT and IPXFLT unloaded, no

Thank you!

Tim Ferguson
Centralia, Illinois