I seem to be either experienceing a problem with these SP's or I am
forgetting something. Can someone please advise me what I am doing

I have installed Netware 6 with SP3. Then I installed BM 3.7 then did
SP2 for that. After that I re-installed the SP3 to put all the latest

files on the server. Upon doing that I then start setting up NAT with
IP address and I attempt to ping the secondary ip address with no
luck. I
have plugged my notebook to my hub that my external Nic is plugged
into so
I am not going through any router or anything. I can still not ping.
Now here is the weird thing!! If I do some playing and back date the

TCP.nlm and TCPIP.nlm with the original version that Netware 6 shipped

with I can ping it so I believe NAT is somewhat working. So then I
to gradually update these files and I can only get as far as SP1 for Netware. If I install anything later it then stops me from being able
ping the card. I know one would say leave it at that version that I
ping however I am trying then to telnet to my exchange server to my
private side of the nic and it gets a connection failed. I am also
sure to unload IPflt and all the filters so that I am not having that

problem. I think I have run into a problem with what files work. So
guess with all this what versions of TCP, TCPIP, NAT.NLM, BSDSOCK do

Thank You in advance!