I have a pre-migration server built (this is my second, first one went ok and is sitting happy) and I'm just verifying everything looks ok before the actual transferID takes place. When I view the unix workstation object in iManager, the list of LUM ENABLED SERVICES is empty. The LUM ENABLED GROUPS looks correct, with, admingroup.LYCO, www.LYCO & novlxtier.LYCO (these are the groups my first oes2sp1 server has in its list, and its lum enabled services list is indeed populated correctly)

I've tried reinstalling/reconfiguring LUM through YAST, and each time it seems like it finishes ok -yet when I check the list, it remains empty. I was suggested to post this over here, as I didnt get much help in the other location. Refer to this post for more info...

More info.. the output of "id admin" at the command line gives me: id admin
uid=0(root) gid=0(root) groups=0(root)

Also... here are screenshots of running the "getent passwd" at the command line. The first link is for the server im troubleshooting, the second link is the first oes2 server i built, the one that is sitting happy at post migration.