The RTM has been out for *daaays* now, when can we expect Novell to
support it? ;-)

Seriously though, I see that ZCM 10.2 has 'test' support for Windows 7
- is there a plan to provide something like that for Server 2008r2?

Fudging the ZCM Agent on the server with compatibility mode "OS Lie"
allows the Agent to register with ZCM and appears to work for the best
part - however you can't upload the policies, the temp file that is
created doesn't exist.

One thing that I have noticed is that attempting to configure a Local
Group Policy appears to work until ZCM tries to do an export, when that
happens the .zip file that contains the contents of
%windir%\system32\GroupPolicy doesn't get created.

Manually trying to recreate the zip doesn't *cough* appear to work,
probably due to some arcane values that the ZCM Policy Helper adds to
the zip. Sure would be handy if someone knew what the data that it
added was without having to sift through it by hand :-)

Any ideas when 10.2.1? will be available? Will it enter a public
testing phase?