I am trying to rollout the iFolder 3.7 client (ifolder is installed on our OES2 SP1 server) but am running into difficulties with a simiasManager error

Via zenworks, either by creating a MSI based application (and extracting the MSI from the exe installer) or running the installer via a simple application/distribution script, the first time ifolder starts up I get an error

"simiasManager is not proper"

and then

"Exception in starting simias: Object reference not set to an instance of an oject.-- at
Novell.FormsTrayAPp.FormsTrayApp.SetWebServiceInfo rmation(Uri webServiceUri, String simiasDataPath)
at Novell.FormsTrayApp.FormsTrayApp.StartSimias()"

If you reboot the PC and try iFolder again it then starts working without any errors.

The above is for a user with 'user' privileges, not admin. If I install for a user, but run the installer manually by right-clicking > Run As > Administrator, it installs fine but on reboot I get the same simiasManager error. If I install for a user with administrative privileges I have no problem.

Does anyone have any idea what isn't being allowed to run as a locked-down user (but then comes right on the next reboot?!)?

Many thanks for any help :)