I have a BM server performing NAT in an office environment. The
environment consists of
We ran out of public address space and implemented BorderManager for a
office building
Subnet 1 is addressed with Public address space. BM Public interface
Subnet 2 is addresses with Private address space. Bm Public Address
(about 25 % of these clients have static IP addresses to the Public

From the Private network we can perform a NET USE to resources in the

Public subnet
From the Private address space we can PING Netbios names via wins.
However, when we try to join an NT Domain we receive an error message
Domain can not be found.
Via a packet sniffer we can see the traffic leave the local
headed towards the WINS server for name resolution. However we never
an acknowledge back from the PDC/BDC to join the Domain.

In the Inetcfg configuration screen the TCP properties are set as
Filter Support: Disabled
NAT implicit Filtering: Enabled
Expert Configuration Options:
Directed Broadcast forwarding is : Disabled

This is running on netware 5.1 sp5 and BDRsrv.nlm is 3.60a.

Any suggestions to solve this are appreciated.

Thank you