We has setup a new netware (NW6.5SP8) server and a new post office(GW8.02
HP2) to share the work load of existing old post office. Now I has been
moved some users from post office A (old) to post office B (new). However,
after I moved a few users to new post office, user complained that all of
the Groupwise's rules in their mailbox were lost and they need to re-create
it. It seem the user move action doesn't include moving the rules together
with the mail.

In my situation, most of our users have a lot of rules in their mailbox and
difficult to ask them to re-create it after the move action.

1.) Could anyone to confrim the move action across 2 post offices doest it
support moving the rules together?
2.) if cannot move the rules, what can I do to move the user mailbox with
the rules togehter?



Joey Tsang