Hello all,

I want to move my SYS volume.

On the original server build, we had a SYS Pool and a Data Pool on a RAID 5 set. When we ran out of space on the SYS Pool I had to add a mirror and then just added some space to the SYS pool. Now, I have my SYS pool spanning a RAID 5 set and a mirror.

I left enough space on the mirror to add a new pool - NOS pool - and now I want to move the entire SYS volume to the NOS Pool.

Is TID 10088251 the correct procedure for Netware 6.5 too? It is the only document I have found on the subject specifically and I want to make sure the procedure is correct.

Here is the info on the server:

Dell PowerEdge 2500 - BIOS A06
2 Pentium 1GHz processor
3.5GB of RAM
RAID 5 - 70GB
RAID 1 - 32GB
Netware 6.5 SP8

Thanks for any info.

Steve D.