I have BM 3.7 (Currently unloaded) on a NW6 server that sits between
Gateway to the ISP and my internal network. I have a web server that
outside the BM server. It looks something like this:

|--OtherServers on 10.1.2.x

From the Web server:
I can only ping one server on the private network. (This is not
the BM
inside NIC)
I cannot ping the inside NIC on BM.
I have static routes from the Web server throught BM to the Hosts
on the
private net.
There is no problem pinging from inside, out to the web server.
Dynamic NAT is enabled on the Public address of the BM.

I've checked the internal server's config, and they are all the same.
The web server has a static route to the internal network and the

I don't know if this is a routing issue on th BM server or a config
issue on
the internal hosts.

Thanks for your thoughts!