I recently replaced a NW5.6 server with an OES 2 SP1 server on one of my LANs. All workstations are XP, with the latest version of the Netware Client. The server is doing DHCP and DDNS. All of that is working fine. Sorta.

I am having trouble with the logins and remote access via Console1. We use Zen Desktop Management 7 to access workstations remotely. The workstations have difficulty seeing or authenticating into the tree, unless I hard-configure the default DA to our root server.

LUM is enabled and applied to all of the users at this location. They can get and use their file shares. They appear as connected to the root and local servers when they authenticate. The root server is the primary connection.

The Novell Client setting that solves the problem is Client Properties -> Service Location tab -> Directory Agent List. When I add my root SLP server IP addr. to this list and restart the workstation, the workstation user is able to login, and I am able to remote in. If it is not there, then the user may or may not be able to log in, and I cannot remote at all.

Initially the DHCP server was configured to hand out the root server DA IP address. For grins I configured a DA on the local server to hand off the IP in DHCP Option 78 slp-directory-agent true/ This did not change the situation. The local server:

From W***Svr console:
W***Svr:# slptool findsrvs service:
W***Svr:# slptool findscopes

The command

W***Svr:# slptool findsrvs service:ndap.novell

does not return any data. The local workstations can identify either (or both) SLP DAs, and I can see this with


whether the client Directory Agent List is populated or not.

Since I am going to be migrating all of my Branches to OES2 L in the next few weeks, it is important that I work out this issue. It would be a lot of additional work to have to configure over 150 Novell Clients with this information. They should be getting it from DHCP and using it.