Hi everybody,

I have a simple network with NW 5.11, BM36.
Dynamic and static NAT on public board enabled. One secondary Public
IP address is statically NAT-ed to my email server, which is a station

on the private network. Filters allow access to specific ports between

these two.
I need to give access from email clients to the email server for local

and outside users, on the same computer. The solution I have today isto make an (email client) account with the email server data for
internal account and an additional account with the public address
(the one statically NATed to the email server address). I need to
simplify this so the email client has only one account regardless if
he is connecting from the local network or from outside.
I did set the filters necessary to allow access from inside to the
public address (the one statically NAT-ed to the email server) but the

connection “does not get” to the email server. It does not

seem to be a filter or access rule problem, since it does not work
even with filtering stopped and access rules disabled and nothing is
discarded in debug mode.

To summarize, I think what I need is:
Access from any station on the private network through one secondary
public address to one host on the private network.

Any help appreciated,