1. I have a strange issue going on here at the schools. Not sure when it started but I have a handful, possibly more of XP workstations (client 4.91.5) that when logging in will start the login (no login script yet), you can hear the windows login jingle but a blank screen remains. No login script, no icons. They are dead in the water. I can hit Ctl, Alt, Del and then choose logout. I can then go to workstation only, login and then right click on the N in the systray and choose Novell Login. I can then login fine. If I reboot, same issue.

2. If I use Consoleone and try to go to the properties of the "Organizational" object, it hangs...no matter what workstation I use. I have run dsrepair - no errors. I unloaded DS and reloaded fine. I rebooted the server. Still have the same issue. I am running consoleone version 1.36hpatch2.

The server are running NW6.5 sp8 eDir

Any help in this is greatly appreciated.