This sort of spans forum topics, but here goes:

Using BorderManager 3.6EE SP2A running on NetWare 5.1 SP5. It was
reliable on NetWare SP4, and I follow Craig's patch list from his tip
#1 as
much as possible, time permitting (for the products we use). But when
NetWare admin applied SP5 about 4 months ago, things went downhill
Since I knew SP5 might overwrite some modules, as part of the SP5
install, I
had her reapply BM36SP2A, as well as copy back the TCPIP.NLM, TCP.NLM,

BSDSOCK.NLM from the TCP581p patch. Also, I had her reapply the
were using (3.71e is the version it reports).

Since then, I've had fairly regular (every 3 to 14 days) abends take
No one really notices the abend immediately, but after 3 or 4 abends,BorderManager's proxy stops working and then EVERYONE notices.

My TCPIP.NLM reports as version 5.91p. TCPIP.NLM patches are sort of
confusing, even after reading Craig's tip #6. Is this a good version
to use?

Here's the REALLY odd thing. It seems as though the likelihood of
BorderManager abending is fairly high when I connect to a workstation
the public Internet via PC Anywhere and NAT (and port translations).
three occasions the abend takes place immediately after I connect to
designated support workstation from the public Internet.

Of course, 15 of the abends don't appear to be related to that at all
- I
may have NEVER connected via PC Anywhere during that range of uptime.

The abend log always reports TCPIP.NLM as the offending module. Any
thoughts? I'm tired of being called at the wee hours of the morning
this. Actually, I'm tired of being called in the wee hours of the
about ANYTHING, but since this used to be fairly reliable I was hoping
restore it to its former glory, so to speak. Any help would be greatly


Thanks in advance,
Bruce Lautenschlager
Bethesda Healthcare System