We are using Bordermanger 3.7 with the latest patches/service pack. =Everything (besides the filters, but they are shutdown) seams to work
perfectly. We only have one strange thing with the NAT.

It seams that PC/Servers wich use the NAT (on BM) so the pc has a
internal static ip and get a static ext ip on the BM server, but you all know
that, are unstable on the connection to the internet.

For instance it is really hard to get on newsgroups or everthing else.
I Test it by makeing a telenet session to support-forums.novell.com on
port 119.

Mostly i don't get a connection, or it takes a very long time when it

200 Welcome to forums.novell.com (Twister v2.0.5.211)

I tried to use a other external ip address but this didn';t solve the

A bit of history on the BM. We had a two network card server wich were
100 mb, now we use a 1000 mb network adapter, cause we switched to a gig
internet connection. the old 100 mb card wich had nat is still in the
server but we removed it from the Protocol To interface Group , so
this should be the problem i think.

The inside interface is still to a 100 mb switch but the external goes
to the gig.

When i give the server wich has a nat a other internal ip address wich
is not "nat" then everyworks fine, so this is why i think i still have to
search it in the NAT.

Hope somebody can help me out, its a really strange problem cause sometimes it seams to work a bit, but mostly not.

Is there somebody who had this? or has tips for me to find out more
about the NAT functionalty of my Bordermanger server.

Thank you in advance