We have been struggling with shutting down computers by force. It works fine with a user logged on to the workstation, but the program will not run and shut the workstation down if there is no user logged on.

We use a program called "PowerOff" (on the local macine) which offers logged on users a chance to cancel the shutdown. With ZEN 7, we set the app to run every 1 hour after the intital execution if the user chose to cancel, then the process would repeat every hour thereafter. It gave the user an additional hour to work before the shutdown message reappeared.

Although the program runs with the user logged on, they are not offered the chance to cancel the program, it just shuts the workstation off.

No logged user: Program will not run at all.

Zen7 sure made it easy! Set the parameters within the program, set the option to run 1 hr later if canceled by the user, and it worked great on workstations that were not logged on.

We sure could use some help with this. ZCM has made what was very simple task with Zen7 into a monster!

Thanks in advance