We seam to have some problem with our NAT. (Other Disccusion runnin
also in this group) Cause i can';t find the problem i start to doubt all my
stuff, so what i would as in this Message is can you tell me if they
way i connect the PROXY correctly , and i mean with correctly , that this
way would not be a problem for the NAT.

I hope you can see the drawing a bit.

(PROXY1)-----|external ip .....1
----------(PROXY2)----|external ip .....2
(Server) *Internal IP*

In words, we have clusterd our Bordermanger 3.7 server in two proxy.
Only one is up.
PRoxy1 and 2 have different ip address on the Public and Private
network adapter.

The firewall in this picture doens't do anything then blocking stuff
from the outside. Traffice from inside to outside is all allowed. We have
no NAT on the Firewall.

THe Two private NICs are (proxy 1 and 2) are connect to one switch,
wich is connect by fiber to a Digital Giga Switch Router) the proxy are a
segment of there own. (10.7....)

The server has a internal IP number (server is in segment 10.4...)

For the cluster stuff, what happens.

Proxy 1 runs with secondary ipaddress and NAT , when proxy 1 goes down
it does delsecipaddr

Proxy 2 starts with adding the secondary ipaddress and starts the

The nat servers of course have the same external (and internal) ip addresses.

The main problem here is the NAT servers have probelms with connecting
to p2p stuff and things like newsgroup. Mostly it takes a long time and
if your luck you get connection else time out.

If i give the server a non nat ip they don't have a problem

Can anybody tell me if the way we use this system is correctly or
could cause a problem with things like a NAT?

Extra question, of course on both servers (proxy) the NAT is loaded ,
it's all in tcpip.cfg , so al;so the external ip nat address, beacuse the
secondary ipaddress is only loaded on one server i expect this won't
be a problem , or can it?

This all cracks my brain at the moment.

Thank you in advance for the advice