Hi! I've got a NetWare 6.5 sp7 system, and Symantec NetBackup 6.5.3 software running on top of another system running Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS 4 update 5. I'm attempting to back up GroupWise off the NetWare system to the NetBackup/Red Hat system, and the backup fails with the following error:

"Error bpbrm from client BLAH: ERR - unable to connect to service: BLAH\BLAH.GroupWiseSystem\BLAH (SMS: FFFEFFF7: Unknown SMS error) none of the files in the file list exist (71)"

The NBU policy is a Standard policy, as it is using the Target method. The Backup Selections is correct (the target name preceded by a '/'), so it's not that. The NBU software on the backup server can query the Novell client (NetWare NBU Client 6.5) with no problem. On the NetWare server BLAH, if I go into the NetBackup console and then go into Target Configuration, the GroupWise target is already defined. However, if I attempt to List/Display Diagnostic Information, at the end, it says this:

Target TSA: BLAH.GroupWise System

Visible Target Services:
error - SMS: FFFDFFDD: Unknown SMS error

Target Service: BLAH
Target Username: .admin.mmc

No connection established - SMS: FFFDFFC5: Unknown SMS error

The SMDR, TSAFS, TSAFSGW and other required modules are up and running. I've upgraded the TSAFS related files on BLAH to the latest, TSA5UP23.ZIP, and carefully backed up the old TSAFS files before upgrading, and nothing changes. Has anyone seen an error like this before? Does anyone know how to resolve this SMS error, let alone what it means? Google gives almost no hits at all on those error codes, and these forums don't have anything on them that I can find (perhaps I'm not looking hard enough).