Dear Tech,

There is a remote workstat that needs to be connected to the server at
different location.

At each location there is a Netopia ISDN router that are talking to
other and can ping each other. The server is a Novell Small Business

The server's IP# is
The Main Netopia Router (at the server) is
The Server site has a dsl modem/router that is suppose to run NAT and
It is owned by the ISP.

The remote Workstation is

I need to map a static IP from the server side to the w/s.
remote static map to

Prior to this configuration there was a dialup connection that was
setup and
configured through NIASCFG. I tried to do this but I get a message
services are not installed?

Please help! I need to make this connection on Monday.

Thank you,

Bonnie Whalon