I have Netware 6 SP3, Bordermanager 3.6 SP2, NIMS 3.0.3 running on the

same Server. NIMS is NOT configured through a proxy.
I have another mail server(Exchange) running for a sub-domain. I am
a differenet Secondary IP address(Public) mapped to The Exchange
Private IP. I can send Internet mail, no problem! Can't Receive.
When Telneting to the Exchange Servers Public IP it connects me to
I have verified that the MX records for the 2 domains are correct.
They are differnet IP address'.
It seems as if NAT is not forwarding traffic to the Exchange Server.
POP3 and HTTP also do not get forwarded!
I have also tried to disable filters. Still same response.

Also I have FTP running on the NIMS Server. And a internal FTP server(UNIX). NAT forwards fine to the UNIX Server.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,
Dennis Gilson - MCSE, CNE, ASE