I'm a linux newbee and having trouble with this migration. The NOWS SBS server is installed in the SAME Edir Tree. It has installed fine, and is running GW 8 (after patching). Monitor shows it has no problems. I have copied the GW DOMAIN data and the GW PO data using DBCOPY as per the TIDs on this. I have also run the storelowercase option in gwcheck as directed. Seems to have done up to this stage no problem. So now I have the data I need on the Suse server, I just need to get it into the running agents. The TID's I have are very vague on this. They say to do a GW graft if different Trees, but this is not recomended if SAME Tree, which it is. Has anyone done this? How do I proceed from here?
Thx, Matt