We are trying to connect to a supplier of information for an
application we are implementing. We have a Border Manager 3.6 server
as our gateway to the internet. While installing the applicaiton we
have unloaded all of the filters on the BM server. The application
wants to create a VPN connection to the supplier using the Windows VPN
client. I cannot seem to get a connection through the BM server. The
connection seems to connect and sits at the "verifying password"
screen for a while then errors out with a 721 error. The machine that
is trying to establish the connection is just going out through NAT.
I have tried it through another workstation that has a static IP
address mapped and it will not work either. Is what we are trying to
accomplish doable? I can connect from a dial up connection without
any problems and I can also establish the connection from home through
my cable connection.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.