I have an application (called PRO/II v8.3) that I need to package.
The application is delivered with a .msi installation file or/and a .exe file
Both ways works fine with a manual install.

- First install with the .msi:
The msi install is the easiest but when logged in as a 'normal' user the msi install fails with error code 1603. Apparently the msi needs Admin right to execute. I called the software provider and there is no other way to execute the installation.
One way to install the .msi through zenworks correctly is to associate the application to the workstation and allow the app to launch in the worsktation reserved memory space (distribution option). But this way isn't correct for us because our users usually switch workstations, and this app isn't delivered to all users...

-Install with .exe file :
The install process goes Ok. The snapshot seems to be Ok but when delivering the app through zenworks, the application is unable to launch.
It shows a windows installer window again and again.
Looks like the snapshot process didn't took all the files or registry.
I'm unable to find out what is missing.

Is there any way to get out of this mess?
Any help is highly appreciated!