Hi guys,

In my ZENworks Windows (NAL), I have certain application where the default ZCM icons are showing. In ZCC, the icons appear correctly.

Incrementing the bundle version does not help and I get the following error message:

BUNDLE.CouldNotParseBitmap;System.ArgumentExceptio n: Ongeldige
parameter. bij System.Drawing.Bitmap..ctor(Stream stream) bij
Novell.Zenworks.AppModule.AppActionItem.OverLayAnd GrayBytes(Byte[]

This Error is being descriped in TID#3204129

The resolution says it would be fixed in 10.0.3, but I'm running 10.2

My Serverconfig:
MS W2003 R2 / 4Gb Memory / ZCM10.2
Database : Oracle

Does anyone as any experience with this?