This just started happening and is puzzling.

I login to a workstation (XP - client 4.91.5) ...login begins, I hear the windows login jingle but that's as far as I get. No icons - just a blank screen.

I've let the workstation sit for a while before login, I've turned off NMAS, I've checked rights...nothing has changed that I am aware of.

I have read several postings here about the blank screen. I changed the login script to map IP addresses of the server instead of the server name. I have tried to uninstall the client and reinstall. The entire school is unable to login in the normal fashion.

***Here is what DOES work: login using workstation only..then right click on the RED "N" and click Novell Login. It then logs in without a problem and maps drives as it should.

Can someone help me out as to what this could be?