I am trying to replace a MSFT proxy server with BM 3.6. Several
ago, I did a proof of concept for a client. I was able to get the BM
work with Cisco VPN and Lotus Notes. Now, that I am trying to install

the BM server, I can not get the BM to work with Lotus Notes. BM proxy

and VPN all work fine.NOTE: I am using the same internal and external
on the BM that MSFT Proxy was using before. Proxy is removed from the


Months ago, I setup BM with static IP. Static/ Dynamic mode would not

work. I was able to ping, tracert the Lotus Notes server using Static

NAT.( filters unloaded).

The problem is the IP address seen by the Cisco VPN is the external IP

of the BM. The Cisco is looking for an ip from the internal subnet
the client in order for the traffic to pass thru the Cisco VPN. The
Cisco knows to send ip back thru the public ip.

I do not know much about MSFT Proxy 4.5 but from what I can see their

network is wide open. I believe the proxy server is just routing the packet from the private to the public side with no ip translation

The internal clients are not using an special VPN client. They only
Lotus notes installed.

Question: What info is passed in the IP packet thru the MSFT Proxy,
is not appearing in the IP packet from the BM? Any suggestions would

Do you have any recommendations for packet analysis or diagnostics
tools. I looked at Netmon2 ( no enough info). I have a copy Lanalyzer

v2.2 but it does not work on Win2K.