Hi All,

Didn't want to get censored by using the the old "HE" double hockey sticks but you get the idea about my view toward NS and AM.

I like both products but Novell in their infinite wisdom has totally screwed over their customers with this by not supporting SSO through Access Manager and now it is driving me crazy with a little bug that seems to have no immediate fix. Worse, because they do not support it burning a support request would be no good because they do not support the integration.

How can Novell in good conscious sell a product that is designed to do SSO to any web service yet not support their own web services?

Any way, sorry for the rant but I get very frustrated with Novell sometimes.

On with my question, I have been trying to front end NetStorage with Access Manager so people can access their files from home. Using a non-supported method from Cool Solutions( and the only solution) I got it 99% their but something got busted I have no idea how or why. When I first configured it I got it to work, went home and over the weekend accessed it to test it again and "Poof", when ever I download a file, instead of the actual file I get a html page download with the name of the doc. So I try and download novell.exe, I get a file called novell.exe but instead of some binary file, if you open it up it is a html redirect page to the url of the actual file. So for some reason Access Manager is downloading the html redirect page from netstorage and is passing it off as the file you downloaded.

I have gone through, messed with Certs, purged cache, bypassed cache etc. but nothing seems to fix it. I found another post where other people seems to have the same issue with no fix so far.

This is an attempt to migrate NetStorage to Linux, on Netware it seemed to work fine. So much for Novell pushing for people to move to Linux.

Any help would be appreciated.