Interesting problem...

We're working with a major contractor on a major planning study. The

contractor has a website setup for projects (ours and others) that
includes, amongst other items, an area for posting, checking in/out
files/docuements related to the project. They provide a utility
called "Cygnet" which works through the browser (IE 6)to
compress/decompress files, etc.

Unfortunately, the specific page/application (.asp) for doing file
transfers is remarkably slow in loading from clients within the
firewall/proxy (BM 3.5). Other pages on the site seem to load quickly

(even other .asp files). This is the first site we've encountered
type of issue with (been running BM for several years).

As a test, I tested a laptop as a node on our LAN (behind the
which displayed the previously mentioned underwhelming page load
(nearly 2
minutes). Then used same laptop w/a cable modem, page loaded rapidly
couple seconds). Then used same laptop w/56K dial-up to local ISP,
page again loaded quickly (again in seconds).

The contrator's tech staff is baffled.