This is mainly directed at developers - a couple of suggestions for functions that did exist in GW7, but don't work or are missing from GW8. While these may not be major from techies point of view, they are functions which end users miss .....

1. In the Calendar month view, the a.m. appointments are missing the first digit - so 11am shows as 1 am. What's going on here? I haven't found any way of alligning the first digit to the left-hand side of the Calendar coumn. GW7 Calendar monthly view the characters alligned correctly.

2. In GW8, when clicking on a hyperlink to raise a message, the entire GW window appears - rather than just a composer "mail to" window with the recipient's email address. I have one user who has email addresses in a spreadsheet, and it's kind of useful to have Excel open in the background, while she completes an email.

3. Why is Webaccess such a pain to set up? I've gone back to using the GW7 Webaccess alongside the GW8 MTA, POA and GWIA. Has anyone else come across the "Unable to process request. Please contact your system administrator" message after installing GW8 WebAcc? I've tried several re-installs and they haven't worked. I know another site that has similar probs.